Scores will
dramatically increase
when creativity is
According to the TAKS Writing scoring
rubric, a "4" paper (best) will exhibit some
of the following characteristics:

Development of Ideas:
*        The writer's thorough and specific development of each
idea creates depth of thought in the composition, enabling the
reader to truly understand and appreciate the writer's ideas.

*        The writer's presentation of ideas is thoughtful or
insightful.  The writer may approach the topic from an
, use his/her unique experiences or view of the
as a basis for writing, or make interesting connections
between ideas.  In all these cases,
the writer's willingness to
take compositional risks enhances the quality of the content
The Write Idea programs are designed to motivate and empower
students with the tools in which to create compositions at this level
of creativity.  

Ticket, Please focuses on the ability to think "outside of the box"
when either choosing a topic on which to write or addressing a
prompt.  Students are able to work with a much broader "canvas"
when shown how to "approach" the prompt/topic as if creating a
story for a movie.  Kids love movies but never make the connection
that those movies are products of stories written by someone.  By
examining the "story elements" (characters, setting, plot) of their
favorite movies, students begin to see and better understand the
"thought process" behind the scenes which they can then apply to
their own writing.
This gives the students more control and ownership of their work
making the writing process more exciting!  This will result in much
better student performance and scores!

Pump Up the Volume focuses on elaboration of ideas.  Once the
rough draft is written, students often lose steam and the paper
ends up very stark with little detail or elaboration.  This program
makes this stage in the process fun, much like "painting a picture
after it has been drawn"!  We show students unique ways to "pump
up" their papers without making it seem like a job!   Our program
is unique in that it not only shows students "examples" of what good
elaboration is but we also give them specific tools and explain how
to use them to create a well-detailed composition!
The Write Idea programs will not
only guide students to achieve
higher TAKS scores but will create
better thinkers and writers for a